We thought we would take a minute to re-introduce you to the Oskar Huber Furniture & Design Youtube Channel. Along with our Website, Facebook, and other social media, we will be re-invigorating our video presence on Youtube to bring you fresh content featuring Design Trends, New Furniture, Featured Customer Homes, Contests, and lots of other exciting stuff.

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Here is Bobby Huber giving us the rundown on our current Red, White & Blue Sale. Check out other current offers here

Here is another video featuring the most recent Bucks County Design House. Visit our blog about the house featuring a great interview with Bobby Huber.

Next is a great video from our "Around The Room" playlist featuring a classy coastal dining room in our Ship Bottom Location.

Finally here is a video on one of things we do best, Customization!

In celebration of our Red, White & Blue Sale and Independence Day next week, we will leave you with one of our favorite drink recipes. For a little more on July 4th Cocktails click here. Enjoy and thanks for watching!

Blue Cocktail

Made with blue curacao liqueur and coconut rum, this cocktail makes a great signature cocktail for your party!


2 oz. blue curacao

1/2 oz. coconut rum

3 oz. ginger ale

Combine ingredients and serve over ice.

Garnish with maraschino cherry or sliced star fruit