Accent pillows are the easiest and most cost effective way to give your room a quick facelift or change your d cor seasonally. Plus, they enable you to experiment with more vibrant colors and bolder design choices.

Accent pillows can highlight points of interest within a space and unify the entire room through color, pattern, and texture. Pillows will instantly elevate a room s style quotient while adding comfort and warmth to your space.

Here are a few of our favorite tips to remember when arranging accent pillows:

  1. Vary the sizes of your pillows. Place the largest pillows on the outside of your arrangement and scale down as you work towards the middle. This placement allows more room for seating and prevents larger pillows from obscuring smaller pillows.
  2. When combining coordinating patterns consider adding a few complementary solid colored pillows to create balanceand add visual impact.
  3. Be sure to leave room for neutrals in your design as well! Neutral tones establish harmony and give your eye a place to rest.
  4. Remember to incorporate different textures to add tactile interest.