As part of our effort to bring you the freshest coastal style, occasionally we'll clear out our showroom floor and set it up for a furniture photoshoot. Our Creative Team, which includes a Visual Stylist, Photographer, Merchandiser, and few strong folks to do the heavy lifting, headed to our Ship Bottom store to take photos of our latest coastal styles. Here's a little behind-the-scenes look at yesterday's photoshoot:

coastal furniture oskar huber lbi

Bobby Huber Jr. and Heidi set the dining pieces into the scene.

beach house coastal furniture oskar huber

Heidi, our talented Visual Stylist, dresses the scene with coastal accessories to bring it to life.

beach house coastal furniture

Once the scene is completely dressed, our photographer comes in and snaps a few shots.

oskar huber beach house furniture lbi

We shot several different coastal style scenes, including a bedroom, living room, and sitting area! Here is a sneak preview:

beach house furniture oskar huber

coastal furniture home decor beach house

coastal furniture lbi oskar huber

These photos will be featured in our advertising, on our website, and even in some of our upcoming top-secret projects (stay tuned to our blog for more on that!).

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