It was 1962 and Long Beach Island had just experienced one of the most destructive storms ever to hit the mid-Atlantic states. The area was devastated; homes and businesses were flooded and destroyed. But with great tragedy comes great opportunity.

Oskar Huber Sr., founder of Oskar Huber Furniture in Northeast Philadelphia (and our grandfather), had recently purchased a vacation home in Beach Haven. He and his family loved Long Beach Island and saw the opportunity to help rebuild after the storm s devastation. During the following summer, the lumberyard at 8th and the Boulevard in Ship Bottom went up for auction. A hopeful Oskar Sr., with Oskar Jr. in tow, attended the auction. Oskar Jr., clad in sunglasses and shorts, waited anxiously as the bidding began. With a sudden nudge and encouragement by his father, Oskar Jr. raised his hand. Bids hopped from one person to another. Oskar Jr. stood strong, raising his hand with every nudge. Suddenly, before they even realized it, the bidding stopped. They had done it! The property was theirs! The father and son looked at each other in amazement at what they had just done. With that, the Oskar Huber Furniture store on LBI was born.

oskar huber history on long beach island
Over the years, a new generation of Hubers own and operate the business passed down by our father and grandfather. For us, the furniture store is more than just a family business; it s where our stories begin.