In the world of interior design and furniture, trends are constantly changing. To stay on up-to-date, and ensure you have the best shopping experience with the freshest interior styles, we've set out on a journey to make some serious renovations to our Southampton showroom.

Although this is an ongoing process, some of our changes are underway now.

For many years, beige carpeting ran throughout our entire store. However, since more and more customers are asking us to help them completely furnish their rooms, we wanted a backdrop that would accent the beautiful quality of our American-made furniture and area rugs. Right now, we are tearing out the old carpet and installing stunning dark hardwood floors.

oskar huber new renovations


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If you've visited us recently, you've probably seen furniture shifted from one area to another while we make these changes. We appreciate your patience!

Expect to see more home accessories, wall art, and area rugs throughout our store as we make improvements, as well!

We also have plans to offer you with a more comprehensive Design Center. Customization is our specialty and we want to ensure you're getting a varied selection of high-quality home furnishings. We will be adding a wider selection of window treatments and area rugs for your home.

Stay tuned for even more photos, renovations, and updates as we continue to improve your experience with us!