Interior Design [/in’tirÄ“É™r · dÉ™’zÄ«n/] noun. The art of enhancing the experience within a room through the arrangement of light, surface treatments and three-dimensional forms in order to achieve a functional and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people using the space.


Creative Expression through interior design is not only therapeutic, but powerful in our daily lives—affecting how we live, work, play, and experience emotion. Planning a new space may be inspiring and exciting, but at times, reconfiguring the layout of a room or furnishing an entire home can be challenging for homeowners who may know what they want, but are overwhelmed with harnessing different ways to implement their objective. This is when seeking assistance from a member of the Oskar Huber interior design team is worthwhile.


When Visiting one of the Oskar Huber showrooms in Southampton, PA, or Ship Bottom, NJ, taking advantage of our professional design services can be as simple as a casual conversation with one of the design associates on the floor. They are equipped with the knowledge to offer suggestions for your specific plans by pairing a few questions and general room dimensions with their familiarity of the latest trends in décor and clever functionality. Consultants are skilled at hand-sketching ideas right there on the showroom floor with you and are able to suggest the best furniture pieces, exclusive upholstery customizations, area rugs—as well as any harmonizing accessories—all in a quick visit. 


A Complimentary Service, working with an Oskar Huber interior designer is a collaborative, hands-on process that offers experienced guidance throughout every phase of a home project, even on a larger-scale. Qualified designers are trained to interpret building plans, assess individual tastes and lifestyle requirements with a critical eye, and, after careful consideration of all variables, put together a personalized presentation with colors, fabrics, furnishings and proposed scaled floor plans that illustrate the creative ways to bring each room to life. Not only will working with an expert help to avoid costly mistakes, but it will make the experience itself less stressful, your time will be used more efficiently and, best of all, the organization of a designer always keeps the project on track and within budget.


Interior Design Expertise requires more than just good taste and a fabulous creative vision; making decisions based on spatial awareness, balance, scale, and accurate measurements are equally as important. This is why the Oskar Huber design team offers on-site assessments in which they travel to clients’ homes for in-home design consultation. This gives designers the opportunity to review existing décor, map out modifications (such as optimizing the flow of traffic from one space to another), precisely measure room sizes and determine the size and placement of other key architectural elements such as doors, windows, fireplaces and staircases to work around or accentuate within the space. 


Design Expertise will help homeowners tackle the steps involved during the design process, including the chronological progression of selections, when to order furniture, and so on to ensure a pleasing installation. Interior designers are available to guide you through your project, offering a jumping off point from which your creativity and expressiveness can flow. They take the time to listen to your needs, asses your daily routines and lifestyle, how the room will be used, and your goals for the new space while considering all factors including budget and timeline. Our designers offer expert input and, above all, remain true to your individualistic preferences so that the space will always remain an authentic representation of your personality.


The Support of an Oskar Huber designer can be as involved or laid-back as each client desires, wrapping up after furniture is delivered or continuing throughout the timeline of furnishing a space down to the last detail. Because Oskar Huber prides itself on exceptional service and customer satisfaction, guidance extends beyond the realm of our products as designers are able to steer clients through other critical décor decisions such as the selection of wallpaper or paint colors and flooring choices to ensure that the end result is nothing less than exactly what clients want: a beautiful home that reflects who they are and how they want to live.


The Benefits of working with a professional interior designer at Oskar Huber are limitless. They will encourage you look at your space through a different perspective you may not have considered before. Whether it be rearranging furniture to improve traffic flow, offering bold pieces of artwork or color or pattern suggestions that may have been outside of your comfort zone. We can transform the ambiance of a room with subtle lighting and fixture variations. The guidance of a professional will take the guesswork out of creating a home that is stylish, comfortable and practical, and bring to life the gorgeous room of your dreams.