To us, furniture provides more than just function. It s a gathering place for families at Thanksgiving; a place to cuddle up with children for bedtime stories; or a precious heirloom passed on for generations. Furniture is the subtle staple in our homes that allows each of us to gather and create memories with the ones we love.

After furnishing homes for more than 85 years, we hoped some of our customers would share some of their stories and memories with us! And thus, the Tell Us Your Story Contest was created! During the month of April, we invited you to share your experiences with us, and we would pick one winner to receive a $500 gift certificate to our stores.

During the month-long contest, we received so many wonderful stories! Some told about their experiences at our original store on Rising Sun Avenue or the fun they had working with our interior designers. Others wrote of family vacations Long Beach Island and rebuilding after Superstorm Sandy.

We feel incredibly grateful for the tremendous response to this contest. Thank you to all who shared their stories and family photos with us. We genuinely enjoyed reading each of them! Your support, kind words, and loyalty are so important to us. It's why we do what we do.


With several wonderful stories to review and photos to help us reminisce, it was difficult to pick one winner of our contest.

After some deliberation, we finally decided on the heartwarming story by (drum roll please!)

Jack Jordan

contest winner oskar huber
Bobby Huber, Jr. gives Jack Jordan, the Tell Us Your Story contest winner, his $500 Oskar Huber Gift Certificate.

Here is Jack's story:

Fond Memories of a Very Special Rocking Chair

I grew up in the Lawndale section of northeast Philly during the 1950's and 60's. I remember the Oskar Huber store on Rising Sun Ave. As a kid, I remember taking many walks along Rising Sun Ave with my Mom as she shopped and how she loved stopping to look at the furniture displayed in the store window.

oskar huber rising sun store

My parents had 4 sons and she wished she could afford the fine furniture offered by Oskar Huber. She told me many times how nice the furniture on display would look in our home. When I married in 1969, we were expecting our first child in 1972. My mom told my wife and I that every mom should have a rocking chair in their home to comfort a fussy child.

When our daughter was born, my mom was so proud to buy us a beautiful rocking chair from Oskar Huber. It looked beautiful in our home and was so well made with fine detail. My wife loved the chair and we spent many hours sitting and rocking our 4 children. We have many fond memories of rocking our children to sleep. During visits, my mom loved sitting in the chair and singing to her grandkids while rocking them to sleep. My dad loved sitting in the chair and watching the Phillies games with me

oskar huber rocking chairToday, 43 years after my mom purchased it, the rocking chair looks as new as the day my mom purchased it for us. My mom passed away in 2013 at the age of 94 and each time I look at the chair, it reminds me of how happy and proud she was to purchase the chair from Oskar Huber.

As the years passed, all the furnishings in our home were purchased from Oskar Huber. Thanks to that rocking chair, we knew we were purchasing quality items for our home. In later years, when my mom would visit, she remarked many times how fortunate we were to have Oskar Huber furnishings and how beautiful the furniture looked in our home. We now have 9 grandchildren who enjoy rocking in the chair when they visit. It's a thrill for us to remind our children how they also enjoyed rocking in the chair growing up.

I learned as a kid walking with his mom along Rising Sun Ave. that purchasing Oskar Huber furniture meant you were purchasing fine quality. Our rocking chair is now a family heirloom and will remain in our family for many more generations to enjoy. Mom was right.

We hope you enjoyed reading Jack's story as much as we did! In the coming weeks, stay tuned to our blog for more entries from our contest!

Thank you, again, to all those who shared their stories with us! Congratulations, Jack!