It’s Fall Time and we all know what that means. Changing leaves, pumpkins, family and the latest and greatest in fall trends at High Point Market! This year the fall market did not disappoint! Despite quite a bit of rain on our trip down we are excited to bring you the best the world’s largest furniture trade show has to offer. Tour the market with our very own accessory buyer Melanie Cavanagh as she shows us some of the newest trends and styles available. 



Modern Traditional - We loved how these vignettes featured traditional silhouettes in an updated palette featuring classic blue, Windowpane plaid, floral fabric and buttery soft leather.



This Black and White Photographic Art on acrylic captures a misty stroll along the shore. A must have for any surf shack or beach hideaway!



This Oversized Floor Mirror makes a stately appearance with the addition of reclaimed oak wood planks at the top and bottom.



Neutral Rug Hues work in a variety of room settings while adding subtle texture. Soft aqua creates a calming atmosphere while shades of blue and hints of red add depth and liveliness to a space.



Next was one of our favorites. Steel gray, charcoal, red, rich leather and hints of gold come together to form a sophisticated yet inviting palette.



And we can't forget Coastal Living. Have a look at these beautiful vignettes featuring mostly bedrooms. These classy coastal palette's offer comfort, style and coastal flair. Perfect for your beach home or rental property. 


Finally to wrap things up here are a few 2018 fall trends to look out for.



The same era of modern interiors that brought sleek, sharp angular edges to the forefront is now lending itself to rounded, more fluid silhouettes. Circular swivel chairs and curvy sofas encourage us to embrace a more shapely aesthetic that feels more feminine and sophisticated. But don’t toss out those sharp edges just yet, because tapered

lines paired with curved shapes create the perfect balance of refined modernism.



Modern trends have evoked subdued color palettes and the use of plain neutrals to show off the clean, simple lines of the furniture. As the home fashion direction shifts more to a maximalist sense of color and pattern play, bold patterns are making their way back in a subtle way this season. Pastels like sandy pinks, stormy blues, hints of sage green, and tonal taupes will replace generic grey becoming the new backdrop for bright, metallic accents.



Much to the credit of bohemian trends, fringe has once again returned to home fashion. Adding bell-

shaped tassels, draped braided bullions, or free-flowing thread trims to throw pillows—or even along

the base of a sofa—can elevate the look and texture of your décor. Instead of colorful retro fringes of

the past, opt for neutral trims like 3-inch Tassel in Jute or White that add interest without

overpowering the design. (2018 Fall trend report by Holly Blalock)