So you ve decided to take the plunge and meet with one of our designers. First off, YAY! Second, we know it can be a little intimidating. There are so many styles, colors, and textures for everything from rugs, sofas, lamps, bedroom sets, and window treatments... A lot to think about, right?!

Worry not dear friends! Our designers are here to help and guide you through the process. Know what helps big time? A Check List! Here are a few things to go over before you meet with us. Trust us- It will give you the confidence in your decisions and it will help us get the right furniture in your house and a smile on your face!
Bring measurements & sketches
These don t have to be to fancy. Just write down measurements of sizes, spaces, and furniture. Also, simple sketches work wonders. They give us an idea of the space you are working with.
Bring photos
This is a great way to get you and your designer on the same page. Take pictures of your space, especially items you will be incorporating into your design. Don t worry, the pictures don t have to be professional. Your phone will do.
Show us what styles you like
Collect and bring in photos, design articles, and web clippings of what you like. Show us rooms, colors, and fabrics that inspire you.
Think fashion
If you are at a loss for colors schemes, simply open your closet door. Chances are, the colors that make you happy are in your wardrobe.

Try it on
Indeed another reference to the fashion industry but it s true! You will be spending some time with our designers walking around the showroom. Plan on sitting in sofas and on chairs. Plan on laying on beds and feeling textures. Come with a try it on mentality. Don t worry- we have coffee
Let us come to you
This is a big one. We offer in-home designer services. We are happy -scratch that- we are excited to come to you and discuss your vision right in the comfort of your own home. Hopefully you have coffee
Know your budget
Have a basic idea of what you are looking to spend. This will help your designer keep on track and show you the best possible furniture and design options within your budget.
We know you are serious
If possible, have all decision-makers present. This helps speed up the process when choosing furniture, fabrics, and design options.
There you go. Use this check list to help put you at ease with one of our designers. We designers love what we do and are happy to help make your design process an efficient and exciting one!
Contributing designer: Eileen Levitan