The holiday season is almost upon us which means visiting with family and friends. We at Oskar Huber want you to have the right furniture for the occasion so lets talk about Dining! In this blog our very own Bobby Huber Jr. gives you helpful tips to choose the right dining room set for your family. 


How to buy Casual or Formal Dining Furniture


The society we live in has become ever so fast paced. The dining table has returned as a place to celebrate with family and friends, to escape the hustle and bustle of life while experiencing delicious food and engaging in delightful conversation. Investing in a dining table and chairs that can withstand the daily activity and look good for years to come requires planning. Whether you are shopping for a formal dining room or casual kitchen the following guidelines apply.


A great dining set starts with the style and look that fits you and your room. At Oskar Huber, our trained design consultants can assist you with product knowledge but just as important they can help with style. We have the ability to mix and match different vendors to create a unique dining area just for you. Our design consultants will ask the right questions and they may ask to come out to your house to get a better feel of the space. You see, it is important not only to get the right style but also the right size for your room. 


When buying a dining table give consideration to the materials used and the construction methods.  One of the most important things to consider is starting with solid wood construction. Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations – some manufacturers use wood composites (like MDF) that will not withstand continual use and over time you will ultimately end up replacing that set much sooner than if you had purchased a set with better construction.  Solid hardwood tables made in North America offer great values and custom options (not the 1 size fits all like the imports) which enables you to choose the size, color and shape that you want.


A common myth is that veneers are bad.  In fact veneers have been used since the 17th century and when done properly result in beautifully designed tables. Often several different wood species are incorporated into artistically designed inlays resulting in stunning table tops.


Lower quality imports, and inferior domestic suppliers cut corners to keep the cost of the table and chairs low. Better manufacturers use doweled joints with glued and screwed corner blocks or tongue and groove joints to keep the joints in place. A strong finish treatment on the table top is critical - the better manufacturers use catalyzed lacquers to enable easy cleanup after everyday use while keeping the top looking great.

 “Live Edge” dining tables are becoming increasingly popular in recent years. This is where the outside edge of the tree is shown on the edge of the table (sometimes with the bark still on!). Live edge tables are all unique as each tree has its own voice, individual characteristics and markings.


Finding a trustworthy design consultant is important. Oskar Huber takes pride in our staff; they have the product knowledge to ask you the right questions and they will never force you to buy something that you don’t need or want!! Lastly, consider the reputation of the store-before you buy, knowing that at Oskar Huber we have confidently stood behind what we sell for four generations.