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Joanne Maurer Southampton PA

Free Interior Design Services JoanneQ: How long have you been a design consultant for Oskar Huber?

I started at Oskar Huber in 1998. And I truly enjoy what I do.

Q: What questions do you ask before you begin a design process?

First and foremost I do my best to understand the client s vision and just as importantly, how the room is going to be used. I then establish a budget and work from there.

Q: Describe your creative process?

It s important to visit the client s home and get familiar with the space. It s also really important to learn the client s style and how they want to live in that space. I ve always found it helpful to find out what a client dislikes, then focus on the colors and styles they love.

Q: What is a recent design trend that you re loving at the moment?

I really like the light gray paint color that is trending right now. It brings so much attention to woods and fabrics, making them truly stand out in the space. It s clean and classy.

Q: What was your first big project and what was your favorite part?

My first big project was helping a young family that was moving to Richboro PA. It was such a joy for me working with them to make that new house their forever home. I spent some time listening to their thoughts and concerns. It made me feel good when I was able to ease their minds and show them they were in good hands. That was quite a long time ago but I still remember how happy and excited they were. It s music to my ears when I hear a client say I love it .

Q: What advice would you give to entry-level interior designers just getting started? What do you wish you knew now?

Don t be afraid to ask questions or disagree with the client. They have come to you for your expertise so make sure you give it to them. Draw them in and get them involved. Always work as a team.

Often times, clients come to the store and are not really sure which design direction is best. It s common for people to want to stay with their current style. It s your job to demonstrate how different colors, fabrics, and furniture can redefine and freshen their space. Assure them that together you will find what makes them comfortable and reflects who they are. Finally, love what you do and be proud of the finished project!

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