We can all agree marble is not a new material in our lives. Ancient buildings have been constructed in marble for thousands of years. But what IS new, is the the marble material and pattern traveling to things other than countertops, flooring and sculptures. Marble and marble inspired patterns have been popping up everywhere from notebooks and cellphone cases, to yoga pants, jewelry and especially home decor and furniture. The marble trend is all the rage and we are here to show you how to incorporate this natural pattern into your own home!

One of our favorite pieces in the Southampton showroom is this marbled patterned wing chair. Pair this comfortable seat with other neutrals and let it be the center of attention in your living room! Or, if you prefer more color, this would be great with jewel tones. Mix and match other patterned accessories to bring the whole space together.

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Though officially damask, this rug reminds us so much of marble. With more of a warm neutral pattern, this rug feels luxurious beneath your feet. Somewhat of a bolder pattern and easily hiding dirt, use this rug with smaller patterns or solids.

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From countertops to tabletops! Close to marble's natural state, this live edge side table is shined for prime reflection and clean up; but also allows the viewer to appreciate how the piece originated.

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Are area rugs and a chair too much pattern and commitment? Then we have just the smaller accessories for you! This geometric shaped lamp mixes two trends in one; the marble and the geometric shapes. This lamp looks best in twos and should be mixed with other materials such as wood or metal to really let the marbling take center stage. Available in either white or black/gray.

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Your guests will love this solid marble stone coasters and will prefer placing their glasses on these than your precious coffee table!

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Cheese and fruits never looked better than on this board. Fancy up your summer get-together with these boards, available in multiple sizes. Friends and family will be asking for their own!

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Summer is soon upon us and entertaining guests happens almost as often as during the winter holidays. Let these stylish wine coasters keep your table tops safe and your party classy.

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