Coastal style is...

A light, airy aesthetic that evokes the ease and beauty of seaside sun, sand, and surf.

Feeling the light sea breeze in your hair, and the warm sand between your toes that is what coastal style is all about. Coastal interiors are less about style, and more about a feeling. Whether you're decorating a beach house, or just have a deep appreciation for the sea, coastal style is a beautiful and simple aesthetic that plays on abundant light, soft colors, and casual comfort.

coastal style

Did you know ?

There are many types of coastal style. From New England to California, you'll find a different textures and colors that are tied to specific coastlines. However, Classic American Coastal, most common on the New Jersey coast, is what we'll focus on here.

What to expect in Coastal Design...


Pale neutrals are the key to relaxing, crisp coastal interiors. Sand inspired matte tones such as white, cream, ivory, and beige create the neutral palette and even backdrop for a relaxing beach home. Colors within the same tone make for a cohesive coastal interior. Need more than just pale neutrals? Add pops of color like turquoise, orange, coral, or navy blue.

coastal style


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Texture & Patterns

Light breezy window treatments help defuse and soften bright sunlight. Stained or painted wood floors are not only beautiful, but allow for easy clean up of sand. Natural or organic fiber area rugs help to add softness and durability to any coastal room.

coastal style

Furniture that is durable, sturdy, and comfortable take center stage in coastal interiors. Sturdy, weathered wood tables that can stand up to the salty sea air are ideal. Pair tables with wicker and rattan to infuse the coastal space with more texture. Upholstered furniture typically features comfortable casual fabrics, with simple patterns, stripes, or neutral slipcovers. Outdoor fabrics, like Sunbrella upholstery fabrics, are ideal for easy clean up.

PRO TIP: When choosing coastal furniture, image yourself relaxing at the end of a day at the beach. Pick items that are comfortable, easy to clean, and reflect your love of the coast!

coastal style defined


To evoke the feeling of the sea, bring the beach home. Use found objects like shells, driftwood, and sea glass to accent your coastal interior. Flowers, books, maps, and lanterns can also make for creative coastal room accents.

PRO TIP: Love that lighthouse lamp, but don't want overpower the space with "beach-themed" accents? Indulge your love for the lamp! Just pair the piece with neutral accents and pretty flowers.

coastal style defined

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