We traveled to the well known High Point Market this past week and have some exciting things to share with you. We sat down with Bob Huber Jr. to get his take on what they saw and how heavy was that pumpkin really?!

  • Who traveled to the market with you?

On Thursday October 12th Bob Huber Sr., Bobby Huber Jr. and Melanie Cavanagh arrived in High Point, North Carolina for the Furniture Market Fall Trade Show. The market doesn t officially open until Saturday, but we like to arrive early and shop our hidden treasures. We find one of a kind antiques and unique items like fish made of petrified wood or recycled life preservers that are turned into mirrors. We sprinkle these antique artifacts throughout our store to create excitement you cannot find anywhere else.

  • Tell us a little about High Point Market and why it s important to Oskar Huber.

We visit High Point twice a year, once in April and then again in October. The High Point Trade show is extremely important to Oskar Huber. We are constantly freshening up our showroom to make each visit different and unique. High Point allows us to find new and unique items that set us apart from other stores in our trading area. High Point Market follows the Malian and Cologne trade shows and many of our suppliers visit those shows and bring back the most exciting trends from Europe.

  • What are some of the new trends in furnishing & design that you saw?

Bohemian Chic is an eclectic decorating style. It s a bit hipster, a little retro and has a little romance to it. It may come across as random but don t be deceived. When done right this style is amazing. Bohemian rooms are dynamic, the design aesthetic is comfortable and the rooms are to be experienced, not just admired. The rooms are layered with fun texture and are super inviting. Bohemian Chic features an eclectic array of colors such as rich, dark hues with pops of bright whimsical color. It also brings nature inside with lots of hanging plants and other greenery.

Another trend that continues strong is the Joanna Gaines look. This design aesthetic has the ability to give old homes new life while preserving the character and details of the home that make it so great. This look doesn t encompass one style but an array of styles. It is industrial, farm house chic, traditional along with some French inspired designs. The trend is worn-in repurposed looks that find balance mixing patina wood with aged metals.

  • Tell us about some new and exciting designers & manufacturers that you saw.

One of the most exciting new suppliers we found is from Finland. They make some of the most innovative sleepers for small spaces. They have a sofa sleeper that turns into a bunk bed that can hold over 250 lbs on the top bed! It is sustainably built, comfortable and practical. They offer many different styles along with leather and fabric options.

  • Tell us about some of the great new furniture & design ideas that we might be seeing in the Oskar Huber showrooms.

We have some great new products coming with new vendor partners that are going to give us an exciting look in the showroom. I don t want to give away too much, but there are some great things that will be hitting our showroom floors over the next few months. We have new lighting, rugs, art, and one-of-a-kind finds, along with furniture that will hopefully inspire people that walk through our door. I am excited to see the changes in our showroom and cannot wait to hear our clients feedback.

  • Did you try to lift that pumpkin?

I did!! I carried it around with me while we were at their showroom! LOL no, that thing was massive! It s a very cool idea and it s fun to be able to put our name down on the pumpkin along with all the other trade professionals that attended the show.