Choosing an area rug can be challenging. Beyond finding the perfect style, there is the challenge of finding the size rug that is going to be the best fit for your room. To make matters worse, there are certain design "rules" that apply to placing area rugs in different spaces in your home. To make this process a little easier, we've come up with some quick visual guides to help you decide what size is right for you.

Living Room

As a general rule, your rug placement should be based on the size of your space. With large spaces with furniture that "floats" in the center of the room, use a large area rug that allows you to place all the furniture entirely on the rug. For rooms with furniture that sits against the wall, place a medium rug. This will allow you place just the front legs of your furniture on the rug. Define conversation areas in a small room with a small rug at the center of your furniture.


Dining Room

Placing a dining room rug is pretty straight forward. Your table and chairs should fit entirely on the rug with some room to spare. An extra foot of rug bordering the back of the chairs will allow diners to move in and out from the table comfortably without catching on the edge of the rug. You can also use the table shape as a guide for choosing a rug. Round tables look great on round or square rugs. Long rectangular tables look best with rectangular rugs.



When choosing an area rug for your bedroom, remember that the bed is the focal point. Your goal with the rug should be to frame the bed and create soft surfaces for bare feet. Use a large rug for wall-to-wall coverage in a large space, leaving a 24" border around the room for other furniture to sit. Use a smaller area rug to frame the bed and create the perfect walking path around the bed. If you have limited space at the end of the bed, placing runners to either side of the bed can help reduce visual clutter and still allow for a soft landing for toes in the morning.


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