Hanging curtains in your home? Before you start, take a look at some of these quick and easy tips that will have you hanging curtains like a pro!

Measure everything! Have your tape measure ready before you start hanging curtains or even choosing curtain panels. You ll want to know the size of the window and its distance to the floor. This will be extremely helpful when choosing curtains, determining their placement, and installing the hardware.


Decide curtain rod height. There are a few different ways to hang flanking window treatments in your home. At a minimum you want to install your curtain rod 4 above the window frame.

Create the illusion of height. Don't be afraid to hang the curtain rod higher than the 4" minimum. Hanging your curtain rod at 6" to 8" above the window frame is a great way to seemingly elongate your walls and create vertical visual interest.

Decide curtain rod width. You ll want to allow enough space for your curtains hang to either side of the window when they are completely open - somewhere between 6" to 12" to either side.

Remember the finial! Don t forget to leave room for the decorative finial at the end of the rod. It could be a tight fit if its near another window or perpendicular wall.


Determine curtain panel length. Avoid using short curtains, as they make your windows and wall height seem much smaller. Choose panels that fall just above or meet the floor for a clean, casual look.

hanging curtains tips

Go for luxury. Adding about 6" to 8" to your panel length will allow the curtain to puddle nicely on the floor. This is a great way to create a luxurious, full look.


Choose curtain panels that are full and wide. If you re dressing a window that is 3 wide, choose curtain panels that are 6 wide. This will create a extra volume when the curtains are open.

Finally, steam those curtains! Give the curtains a quick once-over with the steamer to remove any wrinkles. This will ensure your curtains will hang properly and look oh-so polished!


And there you go! You'll have beautiful curtains that look they were hung by a professional!

hanging curtains like a pro


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