This time of year is filled with the joy and cheer that comes with the Christmas season. There is so much to love about Christmas, we thought we d share our favorites with you!

treeDecorating the Christmas tree. The twinkling lights and the beauty of sparkling ornaments - there's something truly magical about decorating a Christmas tree.

Listening to Christmas music. Nothing fills your heart with joy of the season better than a great Christmas song. It's one of our favorite signs of the season.

cookiesFresh baked Christmas cookies. Christmas would not be complete without a delicious batch of cookies. From sugar cookies to gingerbread men - we love them all!

Spending time with friends and family. As a family owned company, it's important that we take time to appreciate the friends and family that make every day possible. It is something we truly cherish.


The joy of giving. Searching for the perfect gift, wrapping it with care, and giving it someone you love - what could be better than that?


hollyThe excitement of little ones on Christmas morning. Remember that feeling of anticipation, tossing and turning all night, waiting for morning to come...and finally, seeing the Christmas tree lined with toys and presents? We do, too! And we love to see that happiness and joy in the faces of little ones on Christmas.

Remembering all we have to be thankful for. Sometimes, with the chaos of every day, it can be difficult to stop and appreciate the things we have. Christmas is the perfect time to take a moment and remember all the reasons you have to be thankful.



merry christmas oskar huber