Creating a home that thoughtfully reflects your style is as simple as can be with the help of our design team. In addition to the beautiful, custom space they will create, they'll save you thousands of dollars, endless hours, and unnecessary stress. Here's how:

  1. Time Management - From choosing a color scheme to finding the perfect piece of furniture, redesigning your home can be a lot of work. Save yourself time and extra effort by working with a designer. They will help coordinate a furniture layout, budget, and project timeline while you concentrate on more important things.
  2. Budget Management - Designers can help you set, manage, and adjust your budget based on your specific needs. With their years of experience, they'll know how to get the most value for your dollar - all while creating a space that matches your personality.
  3. Repurposing Existing Furniture - Our talented designers have an eye for design. They can help you discover existing furniture in your home and incorporate it into your new design. This will save you from having to spend your entire budget on all new furniture and allow you to reimagine the pieces you love.
  4. Avoiding Costly Mistakes - Not sure if that sofa will fit in your living room? Avoid overpurchasing or buying furniture that doesn't fit your space by working with a designer. They'll come to your home, measure your room, and work to ensure that your furniture will be the best fit for your home.
  5. Access to Endless Resources - Our experienced designers have a wide variety of resources available to help resolve many different design challenges. They'll provide you with several options to solve your design challenges - saving you time, money, an unnecessary.
  6. Professional Design Assistance for FREE! - Our design services are completely complementary. No matter the size of your project, from one room to your entire house, you can receive the benefits of professional interior design without the expense. What could be better than that?

At Oskar Huber Furniture & Design, we specialize in creating beautiful homes. Rely on our design team to furnish your primary home, second home, or rental property. Whether you're looking for a stylish piece to complement your existing furniture or you want to completely redo or more rooms in your house, we're here to fully assist you - for free!

Enjoy the savings a designer can bring to your next design project. Simply come in to either one of our locations and speak to our designers to rediscover your home!

See what our design team can do! See our Design Portfolio.