Every wonder how interior designers make a room, tabletop, or bookshelf look amazing? It's all in the accessorizing! Accessories are like the jewelry of a room. They help accentuate the furniture and infuse the space with your personality. Below, you'll see some helpful tips to have you accessorizing like a pro!

1. Cluster objects to create a related table-top scene.

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2. Vary the height of the objects you are working with. You can add height by placing some objects on top attractive books laying on the surface.

accessorizing like a pro

3. Work with odd numbers of objects: 3, 5, or 7. This makes the eye travel over triangular paths, creating visual interest.

accessorize your bookshelf

4. Symmetrical arrangements are more formal in nature; asymmetrical arrangements are more casual.

accessorize fireplace mantle

5. Pay attention to scale. Make sure your objects are not too small or too big for the area in which they are being displayed.

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