It s March and Spring is right around the corner! Ok, ok there may be ice and snow on the ground, but that doesn t mean we can t dream of the bright, beautiful days of Spring! Start new with some easy ways to refresh your home for Spring...

Invest in Storage. During the winter months, it s easy for clutter to accumulate. So take some time to up your storage game this Spring. Start inside. Use decorative baskets and boxes to store clutter. Then, move to the garage. Sort rakes, shovels, and other gardening tools so your ready to tend to your yard when the snow clears!

Clean. Now s the time to get your hands dirty and clean all those areas of your house you forgot! Go from top to bottom. Start by clearing out any spider webs that may have appeared over the winter. Then, wipe down all the door frames, molding, and trim in your house with a damp rag. Finally, polish hardwood floors or shampoo carpets for a finishing touch!

Power wash outdoor areas.
With all the snow, ice, and salt, your outdoor areas might be in need of a little cleaning. Renew your outdoor surfaces with a power washer. Just make sure you wait until snow season is officially over!

Create natural air fresheners with essential oils. Essential oils are great for infusing your home with deliciously sweet (and natural!) smells. They come in many light, Spring-inspired scents, such as Rose, Jasmine, Lemon, and Neroli. Learn how to make a home made air freshener here.

Bring the outside in. Nothing says spring like fresh flowers! Enjoy the light smell and beauty of spring by placing a few flowers and potted plants around your home to brighten the space!

Winter will be over soon enough! With these tips you can have your home neat, clean, and Spring ready!