Each year, paint brands gather their color analysts and style experts to determine a new, trendy color for the coming year. Recently, five top paint brands announced their pick for 2017. See what color trends we can expect in the new year:

Benjamin Moore Shadow (2117-30)


In 2016, Benjamin Moore named Simply White as their color of the year. This year, we re seeing a richer, moodier color as their pick. Shadow (2117-30) is a beautiful shade of purple that mixes hints of rich, royal amethyst and soft lilac-grey . It ebbs and flows with its surroundings, and light brings it to life, says Ellen O Neill, Creative Director of Benjamin Moore. It offers a hint of mystery and warmth to make an exciting color option for 2017.

Sherwin-Williams Poised Taupe (SW 6039)


A cozy, diffused neutral is the top pick for Sherwin-Williams this year. Poised Taupe (SW6039) combines the beauty of natural weathered woods and harmonious interiors. It offers a look that is both clean and comfortable. And, Sherwin-Williams names a wide range of color combinations that make this color the perfect neutral for your home in 2017.

Glidden Byzantine Blue (50BB 32/117)


Although the name says blue, you ll notice another purple has made the list for 2017. Glidden explains their top choice for 2017 is elegant for any homeowner s style, whether traditional, modern, or somewhere in between. Byzantine Blue (50BB 32/117) is a color that is light, refreshing, and appropriate for all ages, making it a great color for any room in the house.

Olympic Cloudberry (OL677.3)


Similar to Glidden, Olympic has chosen a lovely shade of light purple. Cloudberry is the perfect complement to the minimalist style that is strongly trending in the year ahead, says Dee Schlotter, Senior Color Marketing Manager for Olympic Paints. This calming color is perfect for those looking for serene surroundings. Olympic suggests using bright white and dark black to accent Cloudberry in a new and exciting way.

Dunn-Edwards Honey Glow (DE5354)


Dunn-Edwards offers a bright alternative to the other, more calming colors for 2107. Energize your home with Honey Glow (DE5354), a bold, warm golden yellow. A symbolic marriage of joyfulness and intellect, Honey Glow evokes feelings of curiosity and natural marveling at the world around us. It represents global and cultural trends toward warmth, the exploration of new territories, and celebrating life filled with color, explain the color experts at Dunn-Edwards. Recommended as a accent color for a splash of excitement, this color is sure to brighten your home in 2017.