With autumn's brisk weather and falling leaves, comes the fun of pumpkin decorating! But it's time to rethink the traditional jack-o-lantern and get creative with pumpkins! So get out your crafting supplies because we've collected some of our favorite carve-free pumpkin decorating ideas!

  1. Monogramed Glitter Pumpkin - This super easy painted pumpkin is the perfect fall accent for your front porch. Simply print the letter and trace it onto your pumpkin. With a paint brush, apply craft glue to the stencil area. Before the glue dries, sprinkle the glue with glitter. Let it dry, brush away any excess glitter, and...ta-da! You have a beautiful monogramed pumpkin.

carve free pumpkin ideas initial


2. Sharpie Owl Pumpkins - So adorable! Use a sharpie to doodle on your pumpkins. And don't be afraid to get creative. For a little more sparkle, use a metallic sharpie!

carve free pumpkin ideas


3. Flying Bats Pumpkin - For a spooky look, try this fun 3-D bat design. Cut out several bat shapes, fold them gently at the center, and apply with double sided tape or glue. So simple and very festive!

halloween pumpkin no carve ideas


4. Pumpkin Centerpiece - Looking for something more sophisticated? Arrange an even ring of flowers along the side of an urn or vase. Then place your pumpkin right on top! For extra dimension, place your pumpkins and varied heights at the center of your table.

halloween pumpkin decorating ideas


5. Pumpkin in a Stocking - These sassy little pumpkins are wearing black stockings! Just put the pumpkin in a stocking and tie with ribbon at the stem. That's it! The perfect last minute Halloween decoration.

pumpkin carve free decorating


6. Flower Power Pumpkin - Cover the pumpkin in flowers! Okay, this one does involve some carving...but not in the traditional sense! For this cute design, get some fresh flowers and place them in florist vials to keep your flowers alive and well. Drill holes into the pumpkin just large enough to fit the vials and line the pumpkin with the vials. Simple, unexpected, and the perfect centerpiece for a fall get-together!

halloween pumpkin decorating


7. Chic Pumpkin Arrangement - This one might be for the expert crafter, but the results are gorgeous! Secure a piece of wet floral foam to the top of a pumpkin with a floral pick or skewer. Arrange fresh flowers in the wet foam to complete the beautiful floral arrangement.

flower in pumpkin for halloween fall


8. Gathered Pumpkins - By far the easiest pumpkin decoration in our blog, this grouping of light pumpkins makes a wonderful accent to your fall decor. Simply gather flowers and pumpkins of various size, and place them in a basket or weathered box. Simple and beautiful!

simple pumpkin decorating for fall


9. Thumbtack Pumpkin - Use brass, silver, or colored thumbtacks to create a unique design into the side of a pumpkin! Make your design pop by, first, painting your pumpkin a fun color.

tacks in pumpkin for halloween


10. Fabric Decoupage Pumpkins - Make some shabby chic pumpkins with fabric decoupage! Layer strips of fabric and Mod Podge to cover the pumpkins. Top with a row at the stem to complete the look!

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